Here I’m just going to show some appreciation for people who has given me lots of inspiration and help. Mainly because people and certainly myself rarely give enough thanks to people that deserves it.

First of all I would just like to thank my mum, Sanna, for always believing in me, and constantly supporting me in what I want to do and what I want to accomplish. If I grow up to be half the person she is, then I would be someone unbelievably strong. She has also put my two crazy brothers on this earth, and I’m proud for who they are becoming and I can hardly wait to see them keep evolving to who they are meant to be.

I want to give huge creds to Tina Kruslock, who has helped me get inspired in so many years now. I know we have our differences, but I hope you know how much I care for you and how much you have shown me. Tina happens to be the gorgeous redhead on some of my favourite photos, so creds to her.

Sofia Odbro, one of my dearest darlings, someone who is strong and who I really look up to. Maybe someone who hasn’t been a huge part of my photography, but definitely a part of my life, and my progress of becoming a better person.

Sarah Crockett and Peter Carlstedth, when three great minds combine the world is nothing on us. We are the brainstorming team and I can’t imagine how boring the world would be without these sometimes heated discussions. Sarah, a great listener, and a true beauty. And Peter, you have a huge talent and your only going up, I’m proud of you! And thanks for putting on great faces on my photos!

Louise Ljungqvist, we’ve known each other the longest, such a serene person in general. We made a great trip to Malaysia and had the time of our lives, got some great photos there and you were certainly the reason we had so much fun, thanks dear!

Cousin Catrin Toivonen and Niclas Johansson, It’s been a great adventure following your sweet Hugo growing up, and I’m going keep track on you.

Thanks to Dementhia for great photosessions, and girl, you know how to work makeup!

If it wasn’t for Niclas Larsson I wouldnt have been able to create this homepage, loads of creds to you. I really apprciate it.